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Hello Readers. Thank you for checking out my website!  I am a children's author with a heart for writing books to uplift and inspire. My books celebrate heroes- seemingly ordinary people who find the strength to do extraordinary things when faced with difficult circumstances. 

I dedicate this site to young people everywhere. I hope you will take these stories to heart and never let challenges or adversity stand in the way of achieving your dreams. May you always hold fast to hope and seek to make a difference in this world.

Kristen's Books

Isabella's Aviary
Written by Kristen Zajac
Photo-Illustrated by Trisha DeLaurent

Isabella has a passion for parrots. Her feathered friends give her strength and love as she fights a big disease. Isabella's life long dream is to raise companion birds for children with special medical needs. Her dreams take flight as she launches Isabella's Aviary.

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Grandma's Telescope
Written by Kristen Zajac
Photo-Illustrated by Brooke Hamilton

When Dad loses his job, their family must move in with grandparents. Sarah, Owen and Olivia struggle with the loss of their old house, friends, and school, but their outlook improves when the family begins stargazing. Through the allure of astronomy and the opportunity to talk together undistracted, they discover ways to "see in the dark."

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Chasing the Spirit of Service

Written by Kristen Zajac
Illustrated by Julie Tucker

Emma comes from three generations of Air Force pilots and misses her father when he travels. Her best friend Adam tries to cheer her up. Emma's great grandfather, one of the first African American pilots during World War II, shares his life story as a Tuskegee Airman with Emma and Adam and helps them appreciate the spirit of service.

Winner of the Global eBook Award in Multicultural Fiction

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Ebeneezer's Cousin

Written by Kristen Zajac
Illustrated by Jennifer Thomas Houdeshell

A story of the unbreakable bond between a courageous veteran, his loving daughter, and an animal hero who helps them realize the true meaning of service and strength.


A patriotic story about courage, hope, strength, and heroes.

Maria Jimenez is very proud of her Daddy. He is in the military and always brings Maria souvenirs from the countries he visits which Maria happily takes to school for show and tell. Whenever he is home between deployments, Maria and her Dad have the best time going to their favorite place- the local primate sanctuary- to see the monkeys. Maria's stuffed monkey, Ebeneezer, always tags along on the adventures.

Then one day everything changes. Maria's father returns home early from a deployment with an injury. Maria doesn't know how to reach him. He is quiet and withdrawn and needs a lot of help from Maria and her mom. How will Maria help her dad? Maria doesn't know all the answers, but she does know two things. We are stronger together than alone and her Daddy will always be her hero.

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Ebeneezer's Cousin is available to order through Guardian Angel Publishing. Order your copy today or purchase one to donate to a military family through the "Friends of Ebeneezer" program.  Details at:


The Veterans' Clubhouse

Written by Kristen Zajac
Illustrated by Jennifer Houdeshell

When Patrick, Hailey, and their parents befriend a homeless man, they learn he's a veteran who served as a code breaker and played drums in the Navy band. Saddened by Charlie's current circumstances, the kids organize a benefit concert to start a resource center at their church to help homeless veterans.


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 What inspired you to become a writer, Kristen?

        I have always loved reading. Some of my fondest memories as a child were summers spent at my grandparents’ house where we would go to the library every week and pick out books to read. We would take them back home and read them outside under the trees or at the picnic table in their big backyard. There is nothing like the power of the written word to take you away from a hum-drum day into an extraordinary world of adventure. My grandmother, a librarian, always sent me books for my birthday and Christmas too. I have vivid memories of the excitement of receiving a new book!

As a young person, I always liked to write. I would take notebooks with me wherever I went and write down observations about the world.  I still jot down ideas to this day!

I believe in the power of the written word to be a force for change in the world. As a young adult, I studied political science and received my bachelor’s degree at Stetson University and my master’s at the University of Florida. I went on to work for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, United States Central Command, and Booz Allen Hamilton. In these positions I used my research and writing skills to try to make a difference in national security issues and counterterrorism analysis.

            After my husband and I started a family and I became the proud mother of twins, I felt a calling to use my writing for a different purpose- to write books for children. I was inspired to write Ebeneezer's Cousin and Chasing the Spirit of Service in tribute to the courageous military families I met and heard of during my work at U.S. Central Command at MacDill Air Force Base. I feel the men and women in uniform and their families are important “unsung heroes” and I appreciate their service to their country.  

Special thanks to my talented illustrators, Jennifer Houdeshell and Julie Tucker, who brought my stories to life with such gorgeous and powerful illustrations. And deep appreciation to my publisher, Lynda Burch at Guardian Angel Publishing, for validating the importance of these stories and publishing my books.

            I wish my readers well and hope you enjoy my books!
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